Knife Specs and Examples

The knife in this course has these specifications:

  • 8-1/4 inches long
  • 4 inch long blade, 1 inch at its widest point
  • 3/16-inch blade thickness
  • 5/8-inch thick oak handle
  • 20-degree edge bevel - Scandinavian grind

Here are a few more examples of other simple knives for inspiration.

Lacewood Handle Bushcraft Knife

This knife and the one that follows were a collaboration with a firefighter friend of mine from Kingston, NY.

I created the blades and left them with him during a visit in 2019.

Through his father-in-law, who is a fine woodworker, he has access to scraps of exotic woods.

He used brass pins and clear epoxy to attach the handle to the blade steel.

Dark Wood Handle Bushcraft Knife

Here's another option in a darker wood finish. An additional hole was added to the knife for a parachute cord lanyard.

Zebrawood Saw Blade Knife

This was the first knife collaboration we did back in 2017.

Same style of knife, but in a larger size.

I made the blade out of an old cross-cut saw (the traditional handsaw type).

*Zebrawood is a broad term for a variety of different woods with a distinctive stripe pattern.

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