About Blacksmith Home School

BlacksmithHomeSchool.com is an online resource for homeschoolers interested in blacksmithing.

If your child has an interest in metalworking, we're happy to help them develop the knowledge and skills they will need to blacksmith successfully.

The courses are taught by Terran Marks, the owner of Brown County Forge.

Terran has been teaching blacksmithing beginners since 2016. His specialty is coaching complete beginners in creating their first projects.

Take a look at past student reviews below and when you're ready, jump into the Free Blacksmithing for Beginners course.


"I HIGHLY recommend this class if you are thinking of getting into forging. It makes it very attainable without a bunch of fancy equipment. Very cool!

- Benjamin T.

Chad says:

"Terran is friendly, patient, and an amazing instructor. I would say he is the Mr. Rogers of blacksmithing."

Derek says:

"My family and I all took the beginner's class and thoroughly enjoyed learning from Terran. My sixteen year old son (and our entire family) were able to make high quality hand-forged pieces by the end of the class."

Scott says:

"Terran is an awesome teacher. He showed us what to do step by step, was patient, and he allowed us to do 100% of the work ourselves after showing us what to do. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is remotely interested in learning how to forge."

Hi, I’m Terran!

About Me and How I Teach:

I'm a full-time blacksmith and educator. Since 2016, my mission has been to help people new to blacksmithing get their first experiences forging hot metal.

My teaching method is based on demonstration followed by hands-on learning.

I work best when I can learn a topic and then practice it on my own. The way I teach is geared that way, too.

Starting the Journey:

I recommend starting with the Free

Blacksmithing for Beginners Mini Course.

It sets up a solid foundation for blacksmithing at home and may be all you need to get going.

At the end of the mini course, I'll extend an invitation to join the Paid

Blacksmith's Apprentice Course

It's a more in-depth, video-based course with projects to practice as your child develops their skills.

I'm glad you're here. Let's get started!